Heather Braun

Director of Stakeholder Engagement


Heather Braun currently serves as Director of Stakeholder Engagement, within GRAIL’s external affairs team. Her role includes driving awareness for multicancer early detection (MCED), delivering education, and supporting the broad adoption of MCED across a diverse group of stakeholders.

Previously, Heather developed and led Amgen’s US Value-Based Partnerships Field Team. In this role, she was responsible for identifying and managing the organization’s 26 partnerships across national payers, healthcare systems, and provider groups. Her team worked to identify areas of mutual collaboration that could advance patient outcomes and value-based care. 

Prior to Amgen, Heather had several leadership roles at Sanofi, developing and executing strategic initiatives across market access and the commercial teams. Her areas of interest include healthcare quality improvement and population health.

She received her BS at The Ohio State University and her Executive MBA at Florida Atlantic University.

She currently resides in Parkland, Florida and is married with three children.