Ed Greissing

Executive Director of the Center for Public Health

Milken Institute

Mr. Edward Greissing is the Executive Director of the Center for Public Health at the Milken Institute. The team uses innovative approaches to address the most pressing global health issues of our time. Mr. Greissing collaborates with business and government leaders, investors, philanthropists, NGOs, patient groups, physician organizations, and academic thought leaders to use prevention tools, such as early detection and treatment, to improve health outcomes for individuals everywhere.

He previously served as a member of the Executive Committee, Global Leadership Team, and Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Sanofi. During his nearly four decades in the biopharmaceutical industry, Mr. Greissing led a wide range of Public Affairs and Global Corporate Affairs teams, first at the Upjohn Company and Pharmacia, and later with Sanofi. His teams were a profit center for the organization as they delivered a short term ROI and longer-term Equity After the Investment (EAI). The strategic approach to stakeholder management resulted in improved patient outcomes, increased shareholder value, positive business results, and earning a reputation as a desired and trusted business partner. 

In addition to the programs and initiatives, he led Academic and Scientific Affairs, Health Innovation, Government Affairs and Policy, Corporate Communications, Chronic Disease Prevention and Wellness, Government Reimbursement, Global Institutional Relations, Community Affairs, Alliance Development, Patient Advocacy, and Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility. Before his time with Sanofi, he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Red Line Associates, a consulting firm with clients from the biopharmaceutical, device, food service, and financial industries.

Prior to entering the industry in 1978, Mr. Greissing was on the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee staff, where he contributed to various investigations and reports, including The Assassination of President John Kennedy. He also served in the United States Army and was a military policeman assigned to the Honor Detail at Fort Myer and Arlington Cemetery. Mr. Greissing earned an A.B. in History from The College of the Holy Cross and an M.A. in Congressional Studies and Politics from The Catholic University of America.