Clive Adamson

Risk Committee Chair

M & G

Non-Executive Director

JPMorgan Securities

Clive Adamson has enjoyed a 4-year career in financial services in banking and regulation and is now a non-executive director and adviser. Clive spent 2 years in wholesale banking initially with Citigroup and then with Bank of America where he held a number of senior positions including regional head of the UK and northern Europe. He then moved into regulation as an adviser at the Bank of England before being appointed as director of major UK groups at the newly formed Financial Services Authority, a position he held during the financial crisis. Clive then moved to the Financial Conduct Authority on its formation where he was director of supervision and an executive member of the board. After 17 years in financial regulation, Clive is now a non-executive director of J.P. Morgan Securities plc, Prudential Assurance Company Limited, CYBG plc and Ashmore Group plc. He is also a senior adviser at McKinsey & Company. Clive holds an M.A. in economics from Cambridge University.