Clay Lowery

Executive Vice President

Research and Policy

Institute of International Finance

As the executive vice president for research and policy, Clay is a member of the IIF management team and oversees the departments responsible for macroeconomic analysis, international financial regulation, financial technology, and specific policy areas such as debt transparency and analysis, and sustainable finance.

Prior to joining IIF, Clay was the managing director of the Rock Creek Global Advisors consulting firm, an international economic policy advisory firm, where he focused on international financial regulation, sovereign debt, exchange rates, and investment policy. He also advised clients on national security reviews of acquisitions conducted by the committee on foreign investment in the United States (CFIUS). Clay served as the assistant secretary for International Affairs at the U.S. Treasury Department from 25 to 29. He served as the finance deputy to the G2, G7, international monetary fund and the financial stability board. He led negotiations with China on market access for financial services and was a lead negotiator on financial services and investor protection for the free trade agreements with Korea, Peru and Colombia. He also chaired CFIUS and was the point person on US policy toward sovereign wealth funds. Clay served over 15 years in the US government including being the director of international finance at the National Security Council. He also serves as a visiting fellow at the Center for Global Development and as a senior advisor to the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Clay received his BA in economics and foreign affairs from the University of Virginia (Phi Beta Kappa) and his M.Sc. in economics at the London School of Economics.