Cathy Koch

Global Tax Policy Network Leader

and Americas Tax Policy Leader

Global Sustainability Tax Leader


Cathy Koch re-joined EY in February as Americas tax policy leader and was appointed global tax policy network leader and global sustainability tax leader in 219. She previously worked for the firm at Washington Council EY from 2 to mid-24.

Prior to joining EY, Cathy served as chief policy advisor to the Senate Majority Leader for tax and economics. She also led business outreach for the Leader and the Democratic Caucus.  In this role, Cathy led all tax and economic policy initiatives for the Leader’s office and was central to strategy and communications on a broad spectrum of issues. She was deeply involved in almost every Congressional tax and budget measure during her tenure in Senator Reid’s office.

Cathy’s prior experience on the Hill included three and a half years on the finance committee, first as staff director for the finance subcommittee on energy, natural resources and infrastructure, and then as the tax chief of the full committee. As the chief tax policy staffer on the finance committee, Cathy led the committee’s tax policy legislative efforts, and she coordinated all communications and negotiations regarding tax issues with the administration, Republican and Democrat leadership and tax-writing committees in the House. Significant legislative efforts during her time as the committee’s tax chief included the TARP, 28-29 stimulus legislation, and the ACA.

Key among the issues Cathy worked on while on the Hill were energy and sustainability tax policies.

In addition to her experience on Capitol Hill, Cathy spent two years as the director of US tax policy for General Electric. She also served as a director of global government affairs at Amgen, Inc. where she was involved in site selection negotiations. Cathy began her private sector career working on tax policy at PricewaterhouseCoopers. She started her tax career as an economist at the Joint Committee on Taxation.