Barbara Duganier

Audit Committee Chair

CenterPoint Energy

Current public company boards: CenterPoint Energy, Texas Pacific Land Corporation

Prior public company boards: Buckeye Partners, HCC Insurance, MRC Global, Inc., Noble Energy, Tokio Marine HCC

Executive Experience: Barbara Duganier has a collaborative and engaging communication style, reflected during several chapters in her
44-year career: 23 years at Arthur Andersen as an auditor and consultant, where she served in multiple leadership positions, including as the chief financial officer for Andersen Worldwide; 10 years as a consulting partner and in multiple leadership positions at Accenture, including as the chief strategy officer for the outsourcing business (representing approximately half of the company’s revenues); a year in between the two as an independent consultant to Duke Energy North America prior to its merger; and a decade of board service. She has utilized her strategy development, risk management, and financial expertise during her years of board service, serving on nine boards in multiple facets of the energy industry (including the renewable energy sector) as well as in the consulting, distribution, EPC, and IT services sectors. She has chaired audit, compensation, ESG/enterprise risk, and nominating and governance committees, and has been the lead independent director of a private company during its sale to private equity, resulting in a significant premium to the shareholders. She has board leadership experience and served on key committees of three additional boards as they underwent the critical decision to sell the companies, achieving significant outcomes for the shareholders. She has corporate governance experience in both public companies and in private companies with different ownership structures, including pension funds, private equity, and ESOP ownership. She has been involved in CEO succession events on several boards, including membership on the CEO succession committee of a public company. She has taken corporate governance very seriously, furthering her expertise by becoming NACD Directorship Certified® (NACD.DC™) and by receiving her CERT Certificate in Cyber-Risk Oversight from the CERT Division of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. She also attended an NACD Master Class® on cybersecurity oversight to refresh her credentials in this area. As in her executive
career, she has taken continuing education seriously throughout her board career as an NACD Board Leadership Fellow. She is a frequent and sought-after speaker on corporate governance issues—including important, evolving topics in the boardroom such as the energy transition—sharing insights on how she has provided leadership on these issues for her board companies in different venues.


Additional information: Barbara earned her BBA in accounting in 1979 from John Carroll University, where she now serves on the board of directors. She is a National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Leadership Fellow, received the CERT Certificate in Cybersecurity Oversight issued by Carnegie Mellon, is a licensed CPA (since 1981) and received the NACD Director Certification in December 221. She is the immediate past chair of the board of directors of NACD Texas TriCities, and is a 22 NACD Directorship 1 Honoree. She is a frequent speaker on leadership and governance topics and serves on the faculty of board advisory services of NACD.