Arun Batra


Financial Accounting Advisory Services


Diversity and Inclusion Lead


Arun is a partner at EY and is the global markets leader for diversity and inclusion as well as the CEO and founder of the National and Global Equality Standards. He has over 25 years of senior D&I experience.

He is very much seen as a leading voice on diversity in business across the UK, is EYs partner sponsor for the Parker Review, Sir John Parkers review into ethnic diversity of UK boards, a board member of No.1s race disparity board and is simultaneously working closely with BEIS on related initiatives.

He was previously responsible for leading D&I for both former Mayors of London namely Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone. He has also been an advisor to the former Attorney General , Baroness Scotland and led diversity in the criminal justice group within the home office. In 219 he was awarded an OBE for diversity and inclusiveness and previously won the prestigious MCA consultant of the year for his work in D&I.

At EY he has overseen more than 25 engagements across multiple sectors, providing advice on complex people challenges.