High Meadows Institute

Providing practical insights for directors in a new governance environment

The directors of large public companies regularly tell us that their work has never been more difficult than it is today. Many observers of modern corporate governance assert that “the system is broken” or that frameworks for governance that worked in the 20th century are ill-suited for the 21st.

The goal of the High Meadows Institute 21st century corporate governance project is to engage with business and investment leaders across the US in probing these matters, producing distinctive thought leadership, and ultimately making the entire governance system better suited to business and political environment of the 21st century. A long-range objective for this work is the production of a practical field guide that can help companies, boards, policymakers and regulators as they consider and implement reforms.

The High Meadows Institute, a Boston-based think tank and policy institute focused on the role of business leadership in creating a sustainable society, sponsors and participates actively in this research.