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We're hiring Associates!

We’re hiring!

Our Corporate Governance practice is looking for an associate with at least 3 years of experience, an interest in issues including ESG and cyber, strong writing skills, and attention to detail. You’ll join a collaborative team in a remote work environment and regularly interact with public company boards of directors and leaders in the field.

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Gastro Podcast with Tapestry's Lindee Goh

Dr. Michael Weinstein interviewed Tapestry's Lindee Goh about efforts to accelerate Value Based Care.

Listen to Gastro Broadcast's latest podcast to hear about Tapestry's Inflammatory Bowel Disease Shared Value Initiative, a collaboration with providers, payers, industry leaders, patient advocacy organizations, and others. This initiative explores how consensus-based value frameworks and enhanced learning platforms can accelerate value-based care and new alternative payment models.  Thank you Gastro Broadcast for highlighting this important work.

And to view the full framework, visit here

Cyber Oversight Effectiveness Development: A New Approach for Boards of Directors

Cyber risk is in constant evolution, driven by an insatiable demand from consumers and corporate leaders for information density, ubiquity, and accessibility, and the like, and by a large and constantly evolving set of attackers with a wide range of motivations. Boards bear ultimate responsibility for corporate digital security. Tapestry Networks, King & Spalding, UC Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, and the Cyber Risk Director Network developed a new approach for building board capabilities in overseeing cybersecurity risk: Cyber Oversight Effectiveness Development (COED).

Download the framework here.

How to prepare your board to navigate constant change

Tapestry Networks CEO, Jonathan Day on
LRN's Principled Podcast Episode #6 

How are boards of directors of major companies coping in 2021 with the increasing expectations of so many stakeholders? How can directors help companies manage their way through myriad changes in the competitive environment, advances in technology, and new mandates from government and regulators? And how are boards able to oversee critical non-financial issues like corporate culture, ethics, cybersecurity and ESG? In this episode of the Principled Podcast, David Greenberg—LRN’s former CEO and now special advisor—continues the conversation about board engagement with Jonathan Day, CEO of Tapestry Networks. Listen in as David and Jonathan discuss the current issues facing boards of directors and how they impact board oversight of corporate culture, ethics, and compliance.

Listen to the podcast.

Activating Culture and Ethics from the Boardroom


In collaboration with LRN, Tapestry Networks set out to assess the current realities of board oversight of corporate culture, ethics, and compliance, grounded in the experiences and perspectives of sitting public company directors.

Activating culture and ethics from the boardroom reflects insights from in-depth, confidential interviews with approximately 40 directors who occupy almost 80 public company board seats, including some of the largest companies in the world.

Download the report here.

Regional Audit Committee Networks

From May 13 to June 25, 2021, Tapestry Networks convened six virtual meetings with the audit committee chairs of approximately 100 large US public companies to exchange views on how audit committees can maximize the value that they deliver to their companies and boards. 

Audit committee chairs were amazed by the success their companies and boards displayed as an unprecedented crisis upended well-established processes. As offices reopen and boards resume in-person meetings, audit committees must choose which legacy practices to resume and which new approaches to maintain. They also face a changing landscape that is causing them to rearrange their agendas and even question what mix of experience and skills is most necessary for the future success of the committee.

The ViewPoints synthesizes discussions about three key topics that emerged in the meetings:

  • Adapting board and audit committee processes

  • Reshaping audit committee agendas

  • Enhancing committee composition 


Upcoming meetings

European Growth Audit Network

September 14, 2022



European Audit Committee Leadership Network

September 15-16, 2022



Central Audit Committee Network

September 29, 2022



West Audit Committee Network - South Chapter

October 10, 2022



Insurance Governance Leadership Network

November 2022



Bank Governance Leadership Network

November 2022



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Assessing corporate culture: a practical guide to improving board oversight

Ethics, Culture, and Compliance Network, July 2022

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Overseeing major technology upgrades and associated risks

Bank Governance Leadership Network, May 2022

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Searching for growth in an evolving insurance ecosystem

Insurance Governance Leadership Network, May 2022

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Dialogue with the European Commission

European Audit Committee Leadership Network, May 2022

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Government perspectives on sanctions and cybersecurity

Audit Committee Leadership Network, May 2022

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Cybersecurity leadership and governance

Regional Audit Committee Networks, April 2022

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