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A joint report from Tapestry Networks and Syndio

Advancing Workplace Equity from the Boardroom

"We realized that there’s a lot of inequities and biases in our performance-management system. Because we recognize that a lot of companies were not looking at the root cause of the disparities and the variances between the distribution of performance ratings by demographics, we wanted to dismantle it and start to rebuild it.”

Tapestry Networks partnered with Syndio to embark on a study assessing the realities of board oversight of workplace equity. Advancing Workplace Equity from the Boardroom highlights the challenges that boards face in making progress with DEI initiatives and identifies pathways for improved governance drawing on insights from 26 board directors and DEI executives from 35 leading public companies. The report surfaces the importance of linking workplace equity and DEI priorities to concrete business outcomes, and the challenges around establishing meaningful goals that can be measured with real accountability. Read the full report here, which includes a series of tactical questions that boards can explore with management teams to encourage taking action.

Read the press release here.


Healthcare Team Publishes Specialty Value Based Care Analysis in Journal of Clinical Pathways

Healthcare Team Discusses Need for Philanthropic Resources to Accelerate Specialty Value-Based Care in New Publication

Since 2017, Tapestry’s healthcare practice has conducted hundreds of discussions with a variety of stakeholders on the advent of value-based care and payment models in oncology and gastroenterology. Our team has observed several ongoing gaps impeding confidence and growth in specialty alternative payment models and propose that independent philanthropic resources may be able to play a more meaningful role in helping to close these gaps. 

Read more by Elizabeth Shaughnessy, Joel Ang, and Lindee Goh at Creating an Enabling Environment for Specialty Alternative Payment Models: A Potential Role for Philanthropy ( and learn more about our work in this area here and here.

Lifting the Curtain: Workplace Equity Inside the Boardroom

On April 21, Tapestry Networks' Marsha Ershaghi Hames led a panel at the Workplace Equity Summit hosted by Syndio and NYSE.

The panel of distinguished and highly experienced board members gave an insider's perspective into what boards are thinking about, what they want to hear, and how they want to hear it, including:

  • The key workplace equity metrics and data points that boards want to see
  • How to translate workplace equity data into language that resonates with board members
  • The importance and impact of board diversity
  • The role of board members in actively promoting workplace equity and holding management accountable for progress

Thank you to the panelists including Toni Bush, President, JADD Capital LLC; Mark Mulhern, Board of Directors, Intercontinental Exchange, and Chair of ICE’s Compensation Committee; and Alicia Syrett, Chairwoman, Digimarc, and founder, Madam Chair.

Stay tuned for Tapestry's research on board oversight of workplace equity and the role directors can play in activating tangible change!

“Trust in experts has collapsed. Trust is hyperlocal now.” Board

Edelman-Smithfield Dinner Discussions ViewPoints

Board members and senior executives from leading financial services firms were joined by Lex Suvanto, CEO, and Andrew Wilde, Global Chair of Financial Services, at Edelman-Smithfield for a series of dinner discussions sponsored by EY to explore findings from the 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer and its implications for large banks and insurers. Key takeaways on how firms can build trust in the industry in an increasingly politicized operating environment are available here.

Upcoming meetings

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May 8, 2023 - Santa Monica, CA



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May 17, 2023 - Virtual Session

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May 25, 2023 - Washington, DC



Financial Services Leadership Summit

June 13-14, 2023 - London, UK



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June 13, 2023 - New York City, NY



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