Corporate Governance issues

Linking the boardroom, C-suite, and stakeholders

Working to strengthen board and executive leadership and enhance trust in capital markets, our corporate governance networks, working groups, and research have addressed a wide range of critical issues, generating significant insights into the current trends and debates in corporate governance.

Satisfying obligations and expanding opportunities

Interest in the compensation committee’s work is unprecedented and this ViewPoints illuminates some of the key governance and regulatory issues facing compensation committees today. First, the discussion highlights CD&As as an emerging tool to communicate complicated compensation decisions to a large number of stakeholders. Then, it examines six practices that boards and management should consider as part of a vigorous succession plan. Lastly, it assesses the steps companies are taking to prepare for forthcoming SEC rules on executive compensation.

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Audit committee agendas and charters

Audit committee agendas have grown considerably the past few years, particularly since the financial crisis, as companies have come under greater scrutiny. As audit committees have taken on more responsibility and higher-profile roles, so has attention to their work by regulators and stakeholders. To deal with the growing burden, audit committee chairs shared their leading practices for managing their expanding agendas and meeting today’s demands. 

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Dialogue with the IAASB

The chair and deputy chair of the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) joined EACLN members to discuss current and future IAASB projects. Members urged the IAASB to consider the role of the auditor in assessing – and possibly providing assurance on – information beyond the annual report. They also confirmed the value of enhancing the auditor’s report more broadly; noting that enhanced reporting could strengthen rather than undermine the relationship between the auditor and the audit committee. 

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