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Jan Sundgren

Senior Researcher

Jan Sundgren is a senior researcher at Tapestry Networks. Jan’s work at Tapestry provides research support for the European and North American corporate governance networks, a role that allows him to draw on his diverse experiences and his understanding of how markets and governments work and interact with one another.

Born in Europe and raised in America, Jan has always had an interest in the economics, politics, and culture of both continents, as well as the ties between them and their role in the global economy. After studying economics at Swarthmore College, Jan’s interest in business and public policy grew, especially regarding the relations between business and government. He went on to work at the Congressional Budget Office and the World Bank, and then to graduate school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Intrigued by the policy challenges of globalization, he wrote a thesis on transnational self-regulatory organizations. 

To better understand the dynamics of business innovation and strategy, he worked as an industry analyst at Forrester Research, a technology consultancy, and as a manager at the Center for Strategy Research, a market research firm.

Jan lives in Waltham, MA with his wife and son.