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Anna Seleny

Senior Associate

Anna Seleny is a senior associate at Tapestry Networks, where her work focuses on corporate governance.

Prior to joining Tapestry, Anna was a professor of international politics and political economy. She taught at Princeton University, Tufts’ Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, and the St. Gallen International School of Business in Switzerland, in both traditional and executive education programs. Her research and publications have focused on the comparative international political economy of the EU, Eastern Europe and the post-socialist world, and Latin America.

In addition to her academic experience, Anna has worked in international banking, international aid and overseas development, government, consulting, and on Capitol Hill as a public interest lobbyist. She received her MA from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and her PhD from MIT.

Anna was born in Budapest and grew up in Texas, but is a longtime resident of Massachusetts. She enjoys painting, silversmithing, and working with rescue animals.