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Amy Sampson


Amy Sampson is a principal at Tapestry Networks in the corporate governance initiative. She co-leads programs of directors serving on the boards of large public companies in North America.

As a co-leader of several networks for audit chairs, Amy and her team work to design educational programs dedicated to improving corporate oversight that facilitate peer dialogue through the discussion of a variety of pertinent topics. Amy also co-leads Tapestry’s work with lead directors and previously supported Tapestry’s compensation committee work as well.

Prior to Tapestry, Amy worked at State Street. In her last role as a business development manager, Amy was responsible for maintaining client relationships for the bank by liaising between client contacts and her operations team to ensure success and overall satisfaction.

Amy received her MBA from Northeastern University as well as a BS in business administration, with a major in marketing, from the University of New Hampshire.

Amy and her husband, Nick, live in Reading, MA with their two young children - son Griffin and daughter Kennedy - and their dog, Riley Elizabeth. In her rather limited spare time, she enjoys reading approximately 2 pages of a book before nodding off.