Think big, start small, scale fast

Progress often requires our network participants to think big, start small, and scale fast. This enables them to build confidence and momentum behind new ways of doing things. Networks take time to construct - but they can result in big changes, rather than the interminable stalemates we see in so many areas today.

Explore Tapestry's impact:

The Shareholder-Director Exchange (SDX™ Protocol)
Over the last two years Tapestry Networks has been asked for guidance on why, how, and when US board directors and investors should engage directly with each other. Tapestry, Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft, and Teneo Holdings, together with Broadridge Financial Solutions, brought together directors and investors to answer this question. That working group, the Shareholder-Director Exchange (SDX™), developed the 10-point SDX Protocol which provides guidance to public company boards and institutional investors on when direct engagement is appropriate and how to make it valuable and effective.

Toward effective governance of financial institutions
Together with leaders from The Group of Thirty (G30) and EY, Tapestry spoke with chairmen, board directors, and chief executives at 36 of the world's largest and most complex financial institutions (FIs) to ask about the essential question of function within governance. Candid interviews covered critical areas of board responsibility, the roles of shareholders and management in governance, handling risk at FIs, regulatory interaction, and the importance of culture for long-term success. The discussions yielded a wealth of insight and informed a substantive G30 report featuring a series of principles and recommendations based on the group's collective wisdom as well as the input from active practitioners from around the globe.

A new approach to healthcare innovation
European healthcare leaders from the public and private sectors worked together across six pilots of multi-stakeholder, multi-country consultations in drug development from Summer 2010 through Winter 2012. The consultations sought to improve the clarity and alignment among diverse stakeholders on what constitutes a medicine's value and what evidence best demonstrates that value. The consultations provided valuable feedback to companies' development programs and offered all participating institutions the opportunity for mutual exchange and learning.

Improving transparency at the SEC
Could open dialogue between an SEC director and audit committee chairs lead to improved communications among all stakeholders? This question was the focus for a remarkable engagement between John White, former director of the Division of Corporation Finance (Corp Fin) at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and Tapestry's Audit Committee Leadership Network in North America (ACLN).

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