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Developing New Drugs at Lower Costs

European healthcare leaders partner to define
value in new medicines

How can we improve patient outcomes and enhance the climate for innovation in an era of rising healthcare costs? This challenging question was the driving force for the European Healthcare Innovation Leadership Network (EHILN) as it met for the first time in 2006.

As the discussion shifted to defining value in the drug development process, the Network launched disease-specific Working Groups in type 2 diabetes and breast cancer – diseases chosen for their high unmet needs and impact on healthcare systems – to focus these discussions and develop a shared understanding of value across stakeholders.

In 2009, both Working Groups completed the development of "shared value frameworks" to provide guidance on what constitutes value in a new medicine. However, recognising the limitations inherent in a static framework, the Working Groups recommended the creation of multi-country, multi-stakeholder consultations as a way to create greater clarity in value assessment to inform development decisions.

Participants noted that the multi-stakeholder consultations were "the first time that so many people coming from different horizons were around the same table," adding that such transparent engagement may help improve the effectiveness of the drug development process in delivering innovative medicines that address unmet needs at reasonable cost.

The consultations provided valuable feedback to companies, with development teams stating that the pilots had "concrete and practical influence on the way we continue our development." Further, the consultations offered other stakeholders opportunities for mutual learning that informed participating organizations' internal decision-making processes.

Learn more about the development of working groups and pilots of multi-stakeholder consultations in drug development.

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