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Leading change to make health systems sustainable

Health systems throughout Europe are under pressure as the ongoing financial crisis leads to reductions in health spending and threatens the quality of care. Some healthcare leaders question whether the European model of universal, accessible, high-quality healthcare is under threat. Others see the crisis as an opportunity to implement game-changing, new approaches to financing and delivering care. Which view prevails depends on how health systems learn to do more with less in order to deliver high-quality care to their citizens.

Effective collaboration and the ability to scale up and learn from promising reforms will be key to success along this transition. One health system innovator cited Darwin in concluding that "it is not the strongest of the companies or governments that survives, nor the most intelligent. In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment."

Explore examples of innovative health system interventions that are improving care delivery across Europe:

Reorganizing care delivery in public systems to improve patient outcomes

Specialist Stroke Service in London

NHS London engaged the expertise of clinicians to improve patient outcomes and health system performance by matching the location of acute stroke care facilities to areas with the highest concentration of stroke patients.

Leveraging private-sector expertise to deliver integrated care in a difficult to treat population

Schizophrenia Care in Lower Saxony, Germany

AOK, the largest sickness fund group in Germany, has partnered with Johnson & Johnson to increase the quality and efficiency of care for schizophrenia patients through integrated, patient-centered care delivery.

Using public-private partnerships to bring care to an under-served population

The Alzira Model in Valencia, Spain

The Alzira model in Spain illustrates the role of a public-private investment partnership in addressing the infrastructure and care needs of an under-served population while lowering the cost of care delivery.

Promoting public-private partnerships to deliver earlier diagnosis and better treatments

Europe's Innovative Medicines Initiative

Using public-private partnerships to leverage resources and address bottlenecks in medicine development during times of fiscal restraint and increased regulatory pressure.

Combining managed insurer competition with universal access

Health Insurance Reform in The Netherlands

The Netherlands grappled with its healthcare delivery model until the government introduced insurance reforms that incentivized insurers to demand higher-quality care from providers on behalf of their insured populations.

Transforming a health system through the shared goal of improving chronic disease management

Health System Reform in the Basque Country of Spain

Health system reforms in the Basque country demonstrate how a compelling narrative can be used to transcend the "cost-containment" agenda and mobilize public and private healthcare leaders to transform care delivery.

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