Targeting today's most critical messes. Together.

Today, there are many areas where problems and issues have turned into real messes. The systems and contracts that connect business, government, civil society, and consumers have become outdated, lead to unintended consequences, and destroy tremendous economic and social value.

These messes require a new approach beyond what trade associations, lobbyists, and multi-stakeholder conferences can provide. They demand ongoing initiatives that work to establish common ground and shared, higher order goals.

Tapestry fills that need, bringing together leadership networks to develop effective, new ways of working together and achieve real progress in key areas.


Corporate Governance

Our corporate governance networks provide a forum focused on strengthening board and executive leadership and enhancing trust in capital markets.

Learn about corporate governance initiatives


Financial Services

Our financial services networks explore new ideas for addressing current issues facing financial institution governance, management, and perception.

Learn about financial services initiatives



Our healthcare networks work across constituency, geography, and sector to make healthcare more accessible and sustainable.

Learn about healthcare initiatives

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