Multi-stakeholder Drug Development Pilots

Stakeholders work together to improve drug development

Enabling all stakeholders to consult on the value of a drug early in development could dramatically improve the drug development process. In 2010, this idea sparked a new pilot process for testing multi-country, multi-stakeholder consultations in drug development.

This pilot initiative brought together leaders of healthcare institutions representing the European Union (EU) and five of its Member States. It represented a first-ever collaboration of regulators, health technology assessors, payers, patients, and medical experts from across Europe to inform a pharmaceutical company’s development decisions regarding an early-stage medicine.

The pilots provided a forum for medicine developers to receive integrated feedback on the expected value of a medicine in the pipeline and how best to demonstrate that value. Tapestry jointly designed this process with participants, along with input from key European healthcare leaders. Over the course of six discrete pilots, these leaders and others who joined them broke new ground in creating value for health systems, patients, and drug developers.


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