Enhancing patient well-being and fostering healthcare innovation

Good health is essential for human well-being and sustained economic and social progress. While the private sector has a crucial role to play in delivering healthcare innovation that is responsive to patients’ needs, governments often represent the broader interests of society and must evaluate the safety and effectiveness of treatments. Health system leaders, meanwhile, are under increasing pressure to improve the quality and efficiency of care delivery.  

Citizens, governments, healthcare providers and healthcare innovators are linked in a complex web of interdependencies. This makes healthcare simultaneously a basic human need, a driver of innovation, a cost burden, and a major sector of the economy. The complexity of such interactions and the diversity of the constituencies involved are increasing – as are the pressures to control healthcare costs.

Since 2006, Tapestry has worked with leaders across the borders of sector and constituency in Europe and the United States to address these challenges by accelerating the transition to a value- and outcomes-based model for healthcare innovation and care delivery in service to patients.

Driving progress together

Tapestry enables public- and private-sector collaboration, generating insight and catalyzing action in a variety of ways.


Our Healthcare Networks comprise key decision-makers from the public and private sector who are committed to addressing shared challenges through strategic dialogue and action. Networks integrate functions across many topic areas – often catalyzing new partnerships and ways of working together.

Learn more about the Diagnostics Innovation Network

Learn more about the Health System Transformation Network


Our Healthcare Working Groups bring together multiple companies in a pre-competitive environment to identify and address shared challenges with key decision-makers from government and NGOs. Together, these participants recommend healthcare system changes to policy-makers for the benefit of all stakeholders. 

Learn more about the SPOT/Dx Working Group


Our Healthcare Pilots engage multiple stakeholders from the healthcare system to implement and test recommendations made by Healthcare Networks and Working Groups. Pilots are action labs that serve as a "proof of concept" for policy-makers prior to formal adoption. 

Learn more about the Post-launch Value Assessment Pilots

Learn more about the Diagnostic Quality Assurance Pilot

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