Health System Transformation Network

Accelerating the transformation of European healthcare systems

Economic austerity in Europe has magnified the impact of other trends such as aging populations, increasing chronic care burdens, and expensive new medical technologies. It is clear that healthcare systems must learn to do more with less. This requires a significant transformation that, due to the continuous need for high-quality healthcare, must be achieved without any interruptions in service delivery.

Tapestry Networks has sought to accelerate the transformation of European healthcare systems by bringing health ministers, policy-makers, budget setters, clinicians, patient advocates, and senior executives from leading private-sector companies together with innovators who have led successful reforms. Their collective experience points to a future in which:

  • Health systems integrate patient care across health services and combine these services with social care
  • Holistic and integrated solutions engage private-sector firms that earn the right to be accepted as credible health system partners
  • Enhanced tools for change management drive comprehensive reforms that improve health system performance across the public and private sectors

Recent Network topics:

Improving outcomes for patients, health systems and society

European Member States and healthcare leaders are under significant pressure as they face the dilemma of fewer healthcare resources per capita to meet increasing demand for health services. Underlying this challenge are aging populations, declining rates of workforce participation, budgetary pressure, and the concurrent introduction of new treatments that are both dramatically more effective and costly. In an effort to address these challenges, healthcare leaders met to discuss the need for outcomes-based approaches to maximize patient benefit and deliver value to health systems and society.

Beyond the pill

The phrase ‘beyond the pill’ suggests that there is an alternative model for healthcare that goes beyond pharmaceuticals for patient care. This is an emerging market opportunity in development for pharmaceutical companies that approach a critical strategy inflection point. Tapestry partner Ralph Welborn explores several strategies that could transform care management and strengthen trust across stakeholders to drive better patient outcomes. 

Health System Sustainability Forum

European healthcare leaders discuss lessons learned from innovative health system interventions that are improving care delivery across Europe. The collective insights about these leading-edge efforts can be better understood so they can be applied more broadly for additional health system benefits.

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