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Enabling long-term leadership and governance

After several decades of unprecedented growth, the financial services industry has experienced its most significant crisis in 70 years – a crisis of governance, management, regulation, confidence, and perception. As the industry rebuilds, Tapestry's financial services networks support leaders who together are committed to build strong, enduring, and trustworthy financial institutions.

Our initiative overview document describes the work of our Bank Governance Leadership Network in greater detail.

Bank Governance Leadership Network (BGLN)

Non-executive directors and executives from leading global banks, regulators, policy makers, and other stakeholders focus on improving regulation and supervision, board oversight and governance, and rebuilding trust in the banking industry. Learn more

Insurance Governance Leadership Network (IGLN)

Facing significant regulatory change and a shifting competitive landscape, non-executive directors and executives from large, global insurers and regulators explore new ways forward to address evolving regulation, risk management, and governance issues. Learn more

US Bank Leadership Forum

In December of last year, Tapestry and EY hosted the US Bank Leadership Forum in Washington, DC. At the event, directors of large regional banks and subsidiaries of large foreign banks in the US were joined by Michael Gibson of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and Morris Morgan of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency for a discussion regarding evolving supervisory expectations for bank directors and the risks the sector is facing. Over dinner, Richard Davis, chair and recently retired CEO of US Bancorp, shared his perspectives on the challenges and opportunities ahead for bank boards. This ViewPoints synthesizes themes and ideas from the forum, as well as discussions with directors and regulators through the end of 2017. Read ViewPoints here

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