Corporate Governance

Strengthening board and executive leadership, enhancing market confidence

After the financial crisis, expectations of independent board directors and company executives rose, with acute interest from shareholders, policymakers, and the media. More than 250 board directors and executives from leading companies in North America and Europe work with Tapestry to strengthen board and executive leadership, develop new approaches to issues like board-shareholder engagement, and enhance trust in capital markets. 

Tapestry runs networks that are peer-based forums in which to share best practices, develop new thinking, meet with stakeholders, and identify new approaches. We also lead working groups – like the Shareholder-Director Exchange – and research projects designed to make a positive impact on market practice.

Lead Director Network (LDN)

Lead directors, presiding directors, and non-executive chairmen drawn from some of America's largest companies focus on improving the performance of boards and board directors in setting strategy, managing risk, and overseeing succession planning. Learn more

Compensation Committee Leadership Network (CCLN)

Compensation committee chairs representing more than 40 very large and highly regarded US public companies tackle one of the most challenging issues facing boards and management, improving the effectiveness of their compensation committee work. Learn more

Global Audit Committee Leadership Networks

Audit committee chairs from multinationals headquartered in the United States and Europe meet to improve their oversight of risk management, financial reporting, and internal controls. These networks offer opportunities for dialogue with regulators, standards-setters, and the investor community. Learn more

North American Audit Committee Networks (ACN)

Through Tapestry’s eight interconnected networks across the US and Canada, more than 110 audit committee chairs from leading public companies work together with key stakeholders to improve committee performance and raise the bar on governance practices. Learn more


CFOs from large multinationals headquartered in Europe take on the most significant issues of strategic finance leadership and engage in dialogue with policymakers, ratings agencies, and the investor community. Learn more


Tapestry makes progress on critical governance issues outside of our networks. Tapestry's working groups, including the Shareholder-Director Exchange (SDX) working group, and research have played an important role in the capital markets. Learn more


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