Global Audit Committee Leadership Networks

Improving oversight of risk and reporting globally

Board directors of the most admired, global public companies want to share their concerns and identify good practice for their companies. Tapestry networks for audit committee chairs of global companies, headquartered in Europe and North America, provide peer-based director education. The networks are supported by EY.

Members access emerging best practices and share insights into issues that dominate the audit committee environment. The networks also provide an opportunity for dialogue with stakeholders such as regulators, standards-setters, and the investor community. After each meeting, ViewPoints is made publicly available to stimulate a wide number of timely, substantive board discussions about the choices confronting audit committee members, management, and their advisers as they fulfill their respective responsibilities to the investing public.

Audit Committee Leadership Network in North America (ACLN)

Drawn from America's leading companies, members – who are clients of all Big Four audit firms – are committed to improving the performance of all audit committees. Their insights are made publicly available and influence regulatory and other discussions about audit committees. Learn more

European Audit Committee Leadership Network (EACLN)

The first pan-European network for audit committee chairs brings together members from nine countries, diverse industries, and clients of various audit firms. EACLN members proactively engage regulators and other stakeholders in their work. Learn more

Audit Committee Leadership Summit (ACLS)

Each year, members of the global networks meet together in Europe or the United States to find common ground on how audit committees can help enhance trust in public capital markets and improve their own performance. Learn more

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