Working at Tapestry

At Tapestry we are mission driven. Here, you will work on challenging issues where significant value is at stake. You will work directly and collaboratively with global business leaders focusing on new ideas and approaches to achieving progress. This combination – big issues, important people, and new directions – creates the potential for you to make a real difference.


A foundation of shared values is essential to the meaningful work we deliver. At Tapestry, we are:

  • Outcome-oriented. Results count to us, to our clients, and to our network participants. We focus on continuous improvement over time.
  • Intellectually curious. We love to ask "why?" more than once. We encourage an environment where everyone's voice can be heard.
  • Trusted and trusting. We build enduring relationships with business and societal leaders, and with each other. We strive for open, thoughtful, and respectful dialogue.
  • Engaged. The work matters. We care about delivering the best to our clients, to our colleagues, and to our community.


Tapestry is growing in size and impact. Since the firm's inception in 2002, our unique model for advancing leadership and serving clients has positioned Tapestry at the highest levels of business and government. Our roster of network participants and alumni continues to grow as we form new relationships and tackle new issues.

We continue to invest in our firm and in our people. We take professional development seriously and create opportunities for individual advancement. Senior members of the Tapestry team serve as professional development advisors to each cohort of employees. Personal goal setting is encouraged, and supported with 360-degree feedback as well as leadership development in the forms of individual and group trainings.


At Tapestry you will work in a highly collaborative environment with people who enjoy making things happen.

Our employees have a track record of achievement. Many have advanced degrees, some have served in government, and others have excelled at top law firms, financial services organizations, and strategy consulting firms. Our networks bring together CEOs and board members from the Fortune and Global 500, and their public sector counterparts. The network sponsors – our clients – include some of the world's most respected businesses.

In addition to the core opportunity of client-serving teams, everyone at Tapestry has the opportunity to work together on internal projects and social impact that affects the greater community. 

Social Impact

Embedded in our mission and values is the desire to have a lasting impact on society. We pursue this through collaborative networks, focused on driving positive change, but also at the community level – promoting sustainable change to improve the communities where we live and work.

Tapestry and its employees are involved in many organizations working to make the world better by making it run better, including:

  • America SCORES New England, Inc.
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Middlesex County, Inc.
  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  • Tabitha USA

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