Our Team

The members of our international team have lived in many places and explored many careers. Regardless of where we grew up, most of us have worked for periods of time all over the world.

Our undergraduate studies range from philosophy, psychology, and English literature to systems engineering and accounting. We have worked at McKinsey, BCG, Morgan Stanley, Skadden Arps, and Ropes and Gray. We have been in the Peace Corps and Teach for America. One ran for Parliament. Another spends weekends as a stand-up comedian.

Some commonalities among us:

  • In our careers and education we have often taken the "other" road and made non-obvious choices.
  • Ideas matter to us, a lot. But we are more than intellectuals.
  • We enjoy the contrasts in us and in Tapestry. We are complex, but not complicated. We are approachable.
  • Whatever we do, we strive to do it to the highest possible standard.
  • We are positive. Anything is possible.

There are also some intellectual themes we all embrace:

  • New ways to govern and lead. Intervening in messes. Crossing borders. Creating rather than destroying value.
  • A bias for action. Do it, try it, fix it. Think – but don't over-think.
  • Protecting and promoting innovation.
  • Understanding the systems and the dynamics that drive behavior and markets. Look for patterns in the complexity.

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