Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of people is Tapestry looking for?

At every level, we are looking for people who are intellectually curious and have very high standards. People who have succeeded in highly demanding professional environments. People who naturally build strong relationships with their colleagues and clients. People who want to be part of a growing organization with a unique mission.

Q. How will I grow at Tapestry?

We are committed to the professional and personal development of our people. You will grow through your client work and through frequent, candid feedback from your colleagues. Tapestry systematically supports your growth in peer cohorts, each of which has a partner accountable as its development group leader (DGL).

Regardless of where your professional path leads, you will leave Tapestry better than you arrived.

Q. How big is Tapestry? Where are you located?

Our primary office is located close to Boston, Massachusetts and has approximately 35 full-time employees. We have a smaller office in London. Both offices are growing and adding staff as client needs continue to expand.

Q. How profitable are you?

Tapestry is privately held and we do not disclose financial data. However, we are proud to share that we have been profitable from year one.

Q. How well known is Tapestry?

We serve a limited, very special audience of senior leaders. We are proud to have built an exceptional reputation among corporate directors and CEOs from the world's largest and most admired companies, the leaders of the top global private equity firms, cabinet-level government executives, and the executive directors of large non-governmental organizations.

Q. How well do you pay?

Like you, we do not find useful such statements as "pay commensurate with experience" and "competitive compensation and benefits offered." Both are true, of course, but Tapestry is a unique place. As a young, growing firm, we create opportunities for ourselves. Those opportunities have proven to be appealing to candidates from top-tier consulting and law firms for a variety of reasons, including compensation and benefits.

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