Kathryn (Kate) Cady, Project and Event Manager

Kate CadyPlaces lived: United States (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York)

Education: Kate completed her bachelor of science in hospitality management from the University of New Hampshire.

Experience: Prior to Tapestry, Kate was an executive assistant at Polaris Venture Partners for six years, and prior to that she worked in the University of Maine's public affairs department.

Focus: In Kate's array of professional and life experiences, she cites that helping people has really been a common thread throughout. "I worked in my town's recreation department, I nannied for several families, I continue to coach youth hockey... you can learn a lot being around others."

Intellectual influences: Kate grew up in a college town in Maine. "The English department at my high school was really diverse – one of the teachers taught about the "Beat Generation", and two others were published authors. As a high school kid I realized that there was more than just your standard way of thinking." To this day On the Road is one of her favorite books. Kate also mentions that her parents, particularly her mom, encouraged her to see what else was in the world and did so by providing access to the arts. "We frequented the Collins Center (at the University of Maine) to check out the latest productions from Ladysmith Black Mambazo, to Bob Dylan, to the opera." 

Turning points: Kate went into school set on pursuing a business degree focused in hospitality. During her time there she seized opportunities to expand her classroom learning and participated in career building classes at the New England Center, which was the campus run hotel and restaurant where the students received onsite training to plan and host events for alumni.

Despite knowing exactly what she wanted to do, Kate took some time after college for some travel. "I went to Europe for a month backpacking on what I like to remember as the "buffet of Europe." I sampled a bit of each country in hopes of going back to my favorites. In particular, I really enjoyed visiting Germany (Munich) and Ireland where my family is from."

While Kate does enjoy Boston, the city she now calls home, she realized she also needed a refuge – a getaway from work and the city. "Maine is my true home. It was always a dream of mine to have a house on a lake." Kate is quite proud that she was able to purchase her first home, on a lake in Maine, that she gets to frequent over the summer and throughout the year when she wants to get away from it all.

"Remembering where you came from is so important. I think it has truly shaped who I am today. You can find me outside – gardening, hiking, fishing, kayaking, golfing, paddle boarding – doing anything active."

Life at Tapestry: Kate's previous professional role was at a Polaris Venture Partners, a venture capital firm with a similar mission to Tapestry's "to bring disruptive ideas to life." She was really attracted to the project and event manager position at Tapestry because it wasn't your typical admin role. "I saw that event management [supporting the network meetings], would be a large component and I was excited to draw on my college experience. Traveling, interacting with our members, and maintaining my vendor relationships are parts of the job I enjoy most."

While event management is one essential component, customer service is certainly another, and the role really requires a dynamic skill set. "No two days are the same; it all depends on where you are in the meeting cycle. Being able to multitask and juggle different tasks has allowed me to succeed."

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