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Tapestry helps bring about progress through leadership networks that weave together meetings, negotiation, and syndication. Sometimes they pilot new approaches. The networks go through regular cycles that enable the members to get real traction.

Our networks represent an innovative approach to driving positive change:

  • Members aggressively but constructively challenge existing and competing causal models to understand where value – both social and economic – is being destroyed or stifled. They begin to search for new models that break the compromises that have become accepted.
  • Over time, members develop momentum and a bias for action. The establishment of trust and the courage to take risks are critical to changing both reality and perception, including the perceptions of the people our members represent.
  • Networks are supported by public companies and professional firms that recognize the value in our independence and objectivity. Tapestry has adopted principles and guidelines for public-private networks that support the legal and ethical responsibilities of our supporters and members.
  • We are very careful to ensure the networks provide an environment for participants to find common ground. This common understanding and purpose can generate uncommon insights with the potential to break systemic roadblocks and create enormous value.
  • Network members need to collaborate but not compromise. We expect them to pursue their interests. But we also encourage them to consider new approaches and models that allow others to achieve the social and economic objectives that matter to them.

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