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Membership in Tapestry's networks is by invitation. Network members are senior leaders from more than 300 public companies and a wide variety of public institutions. All bring considerable experience and insight to their networks.

Members value highly the relationships they form with each other as peers – as well as the best/next practices they develop and share through the networks. But more and more, the goal for members has become not only to improve their own performance and that of their organizations, but to change the systems that govern their industries and competition.

They have "stepped outside" their jobs and institutions to become better observers and shapers of developments. They have shown real courage in their willingness to support change for themselves, their institutions, and society.

As one member said: "I have found the opportunity to hear how others are dealing with things to be enormously helpful – just to get other perspectives. When I share, I like to see the reactions of others to what I’m saying."

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José Luis Molinuevo
Alzheimer's Disease Working Group

Neurologist, Barcelona Clinical Hospital

Learn more about the Alzheimer's Disease Working Group

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Dean Yoost 122

Dean Yoost
West Audit Committee Network - South

Audit Committee Chair, Pacific LifeCorp

Learn more about the West Audit Committee Network

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David Sidwell

David Sidwell
Bank Governance Leadership Network

Senior Independent Director, Risk Committee Chair, Governance and Nominating Committee Member, UBS

Learn more about the Bank Governance Leadership Network

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Barbara Stymiest 122

Barbara Stymiest
Canadian Audit Committee Network

Audit Committee Chair, BlackBerry

Learn more about the Canadian Audit Committee Network

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Mohan Gyani 122

Mohan Gyani
West Audit Committee Network - North

Audit Committee Chair, Blackhawk Networks and Safeway

Learn more about the West Audit Committee Network

Participant Profile

Bruno Flamion 122

Bruno Flamion
European Healthcare Innovation Leadership Network, Pilots

Former Chair, Scientific Advice Working Party, European Medicines Agency (EMA)

Learn more about Healthcare Pilots

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