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Tapestry Networks was founded in 2002 by George Goldsmith, motivated by his belief that the performance of organizations and individuals can be improved dramatically through constructive collaboration and confrontation of barriers to progress.

Our partners, principals, and senior advisors joined Tapestry because they believe that today’s biggest challenges call for new ways of working across traditional boundaries that can impede progress in a complex, interconnected, and interdependent society.

Our leaders are people who have shaped their own diverse careers – from business consulting to law, from medicine to banking, from communications to corporate governance. Their backgrounds vary but all are serious about Tapestry’s mission and they all:

  • Respect leadership and recognize how hard it is to lead well.
  • Know how to lead, but also take pleasure in supporting leaders.
  • Champion new ideas and understand the central importance of innovation to society’s well-being.
  • Believe in the promise of individual development and institutional change, despite all the messes in the world.
  • Operate by principle, with discretion and integrity, and keep their promises.

Our partners and principals:


Dennis Andrade, Partner

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Jonathan Day

Jonathan Day, Vice Chairman

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Richard Fields, Partner

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Lindee Goh

Lindee Goh, Partner

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George Goldsmith

George Goldsmith, Chairman and Founder

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Joe Heinen

Joe Heinen, CFO

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Michael Mahoney, Partner

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Eric Shor 78

Eric Shor, Principal

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 Our senior advisors:


Craig Kennedy, Senior Advisor

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