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Leaders working across boundaries can create great value

Tapestry Networks is a well established, growing firm dedicated to bringing together leaders from business and institutions to help make the world better by making it run better.

We believe that economic and societal interests can be far better aligned than they are today:

  • The mechanisms that connect business, government, and society are the result of decisions aimed at securing small wins for the participants.
  • The resulting system is a "mess" – complex loops of cause and effect filled with unintended and unwanted results.
  • These messes persist and destroy enormous value because they do not respond to traditional problem solving and well-intentioned efforts to collaborate and compromise.
  • Dramatic improvements in productivity and progress can be achieved if participants work together to fix underlying systems that govern behavior and to focus on high-leverage interactions and decision processes.
  • Working together to produce "win-wins" requires a thoughtfully designed, cyclical network that includes meetings, syndication, and experimentation.
  • These networks first produce trust and eventually lead to insight and new ideas about how to improve governing systems.
  • Working through these networks, well-intentioned and well-placed individuals can design better futures for themselves, their institutions, and society.

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